2010 Leo/Lions Conference – All members please attend!

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Hi fellow Leos,

Want to have some fun, while learning at the same time? The perfect opportunity has come. Participate in the 2010 Leos/Lions Conference on Sunday, Dec. 5 from 12:30-7:30pm to interact with Leos/Lions from more than 20 Leo/Lions clubs all over Burnaby and Vancouver. There will be entertaining activities and engaging discussions. I’m sure you will enjoy it!

New members, it’s your chance to be formally inducted and recognized as a member of the Lions Club International.

Tickets are $8 each (dinner is included). Register today by emailing byrnecreekleoclub@gmail.com as an early bird and to get a FREE raffle ticket for a chance to win an awesome prize! (You don’t have to pay until the day of the event, but you are expected to come if you register.)


Nov 9, 2010 – Leo Club Meeting

Hi, hope you guys are going to enjoy all the fun events coming up. Also, the flyer posting tomorrow is changed to 3:30pm so head to Tommy Douglas Library right after school. We would appreciate if more members are able to sign up for the Nov. 11 girls soccer tournament (Changed to 8:30am-4:30pm) – Come by room B102 or a Leo Exec if you’re interested. Here is the PowerPoint if you feel like a quick recap:

Nov 2, 2010 – Leo Club Meeting

We apologize that not all the information could be delivered today. We hope that you ask a Leo exec or drop by Ms. Fujiki’s room B102 to sign up for the following events which were on the powerpoint:

Girl’s Soccer Tournament: (Nov 11) [Shift 1: 9am-1pm] [Shift 2: 12:30-4pm]

Awareness Week Sock Drive: (Nov. 15th-19th) Lunch – Sign up at B102 by individual days

Awareness Week Water Jug Relay: (Nov. 17th) After school (Wed) Nov. 19th Lunch

Pro-D Day: (Nov. 22nd) – E-mail byrnecreekleoclub@gmail.com or ask an exec if you’re interested or need to cancel

Midnight Vigil:  (Nov. 26th-27th) Hand in permission forms and gather donation pledges

19A Leo/Lion District Conference: (Dec. 5th) 11am-7pm Byrne Creek atrium