Nov 2, 2010 – Leo Club Meeting

We apologize that not all the information could be delivered today. We hope that you ask a Leo exec or drop by Ms. Fujiki’s room B102 to sign up for the following events which were on the powerpoint:

Girl’s Soccer Tournament: (Nov 11) [Shift 1: 9am-1pm] [Shift 2: 12:30-4pm]

Awareness Week Sock Drive: (Nov. 15th-19th) Lunch – Sign up at B102 by individual days

Awareness Week Water Jug Relay: (Nov. 17th) After school (Wed) Nov. 19th Lunch

Pro-D Day: (Nov. 22nd) – E-mail or ask an exec if you’re interested or need to cancel

Midnight Vigil:  (Nov. 26th-27th) Hand in permission forms and gather donation pledges

19A Leo/Lion District Conference: (Dec. 5th) 11am-7pm Byrne Creek atrium

2009-2010 Year End Powerpoint

Video slideshow of the events of the Burnaby Byrne Creek Leo Club in the 2009-2010 year.
It was shown at the 2010 Staff Appreciation Luncheon and at various other events to give people an idea who we are as a Leo Club and what we do.
Thank you to Andy Wu, Joyce Sun, and Alice Kang  for their hard work in putting this together.

Hopefully, this will serve as an inspiration to the future generations of Leos on what is possible when “we serve as one”! Enjoy!

Global Awareness Week

Greetings to all Leo members,

A few Student Gov./Free the Children members attended our exec meeting yesterday and have requested Leo Club’s help with their upcoming Global Awareness Week from Mon, Nov. 15th – Fri, Nov. 19th.

Before anything can happen, the first step is marketing!
Free the Children club would like as many Leo members as possible to join them this Monday 3:00-5:30pm in Room B108 to create posters for the “awareness week”. They will include hard facts about the current state of the masses currently struggling to meet their basic needs in the world. The hope is to stimulate conversation leading up to the week in mid-November.

If you are available on Monday after school, you are strongly encouraged to help with this Poster Meeting. You will receive service hours.
Please notify us by return email – – to give us an idea of how many volunteers will be in attendance.

“Sock Wars” will be held throughout that week at lunch hour to collect new pairs of socks for the homeless in our community. It will be a competition between each grade and the staff to see who can contribute the most socks by Friday. We will need 6 Leo members every day to run the booths. There will also be a “Water Jug Relay” on the Wed, Nov. 17th of that week where students will have the chance to carry two jugs of water from the atrium, across the two wings, and back to get a taste of what hundreds of millions of women and children face in under-developed countries to obtain drinking water. We will also need Leos to help. Please sign up at our upcoming Tuesday meeting this week where more details will be provided! Free the Children members in charge will also be visiting to tell us more about the events.

Should you have further questions about this initiative, please drop us an email.
Have a great weekend!