Why hello Leos!  Today is a very special day! because today the Co-President of this club, Jackie Liu, just grew a day older! oh wait Its HIS BIRTHDAY TODAY (Sept 26, 2010) so actually  he grew a year older today!

So everyone lets all wish him a very 生日快樂! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) and hope that he has a great day today! and hope that he and us have a great year ahead of us!

Dawn of a New Era

The Byrne Creek Leo Club is preparing to digitize its membership records and relaunch a new online presence for the 2010-2011 year. This website, ByrneCreek.info will be the hub of our club’s communication with our membership and the Burnaby-Edmonds community where we serve.

For our members

It will be our new “bulletin board”, frequently updated with information regarding our upcoming events, volunteering opportunities and delivering timely information to members involved in ongoing projects.  Frequently used documents and forms (e.g. membership applications) will be available in an electronic format on our website.

For other Leo Clubs, Lions Clubs, and members of the public

Contact information for our club officers will be available on this website should you have any inquiries. Feel free to traverse the site to read about community projects our club has undertaken recently. We are always looking for possible partnerships with fellow clubs in the Lions International family, schools, other community/non-profit organizations, and corporate sponsors.
This website is currently under construction and will be fully functional by September 2010.