2009-2010 Year End Powerpoint

Video slideshow of the events of the Burnaby Byrne Creek Leo Club in the 2009-2010 year.
It was shown at the 2010 Staff Appreciation Luncheon and at various other events to give people an idea who we are as a Leo Club and what we do.
Thank you to Andy Wu, Joyce Sun, and Alice Kang  for their hard work in putting this together.

Hopefully, this will serve as an inspiration to the future generations of Leos on what is possible when “we serve as one”! Enjoy!

Oct 19, 2010 – Leo Club Meeting

From this week on, we will be publishing the Powerpoint presented at each Tuesday meeting on this website. If you’ve forgotten where and when to meet or whether you are included in the volunteer list for any particular event, the information is here for your reference. However, please do not consider this as a replacement for attending the weekly meetings as we do share important information verbally. Also, you must be present to sign up for events.


Why hello Leos!  Today is a very special day! because today the Co-President of this club, Jackie Liu, just grew a day older! oh wait Its HIS BIRTHDAY TODAY (Sept 26, 2010) so actually  he grew a year older today!

So everyone lets all wish him a very 生日快樂! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) and hope that he has a great day today! and hope that he and us have a great year ahead of us!