Byrne Creek Famine

The Byrne Creek Famine is an overnight event that will be held at school from Friday, April 10th to Saturday April 11th, where students will have a firsthand experience of what it’s like to not eat for a prolonged time, in this case approximately 30 hours. With the minimum $25 pledge donation, the proceeds will go towards providing sustainable agriculture needs in Cambodia through the Hope International Development Agency, a local non-profit organization. These efforts will provide for families an armload of sturdy gardening tools, a large quantity and variety of grain and vegetable seeds, and the training needed in order to grow abundant crops this year and for years to come. Join us by filling out a Byrne Creek Famine Permission Form and handing it in to Ms. Fujiki’s room by April 4th! All Byrne Creek students are invited! Hope to see you there!

byrne creek famine poster



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