Why hello Leos!  Today is a very special day! because today the Co-President of this club, Jackie Liu, just grew a day older! oh wait Its HIS BIRTHDAY TODAY (Sept 26, 2010) so actually  he grew a year older today!

So everyone lets all wish him a very 生日快樂! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) and hope that he has a great day today! and hope that he and us have a great year ahead of us!

Byrne Creek’s First Annual Community Clean Up

Byrne Creek’s first annual community clean up will be held on Tuesday, October 5, 2010 from 10:18 to 11:10am!!

The purpose of this event is to clean up the area around Byrne Creek, as well to remind everyone the consequences of littering.  Each participating class will receive a certificate of recognition and everyone will get a better environment!!

All teachers are strongly encouraged to sign up and participate with their Block B classes. Teachers, please sign up by the letter trays at the back of the office as soon as possible, as we will be collecting the sign up form by the end of September 29, 2010.  If for some particular reason, you’re unable to sign up before the set date, please contact one of our executive members, or email us at: byrnecreekleoclub@gmail.com ASAP!! Be sure to specify  your starting and ending time, as well as the class size.

Individuals who would like to participate, please get a field trip form from Ms. Fujiki (B102)or Ms. Erickson (B204) and receive permission from both your parent/guardian and Block B teacher.

If you have any questions please contact one of the exec. members~

Hope to see you all there!!

Joyce Sun,  Event Co-Chair

[Image Source City of Bonney Lake]

African Community Open House Volunteer List

Hey! Hey! LEO members there is an African Community Open House on September 25th, 2010 at Byrne Creek.

Volunteers are required to show up at 10 AM Semptember 25th, 2010 (Saturday) at Byrne Creek.

The members who are supposed to show up are listed below:


Leo Club executive team members attending: Erika, Eddie, Ke, Joe, Jackie, Ankush
Hope to see you all there!

Members who have yet to sign up online please do so here! It gives us the information we need to update you on events, upcoming events, and LEO meetings.

[Image Source Gillmore Elementary School]

New Members Orientation

Welcome! Although an increase of membership on Clubs Day was expected, we never thought that the Leo Club sign-up table would be so overwhelmed—over 100 of you pledged to be a Leo!

You may have wondered, or are still wondering, what the Leo club is all about. We believe that it is important for you, and also that you have the right, to know your purpose here. As Leo Club executive members, we are committed to make your Leadership Experience Opportunity in this club an enjoyable and memorable one.

So we are taking the initiative to answer your questions, to know more about you, and give you a chance to get to know some of our veteran Leos. We have organized the New Members Orientation like never before, to be held on Tuesday, Sep. 21, 2010, at 11:50am in Room B104. We strongly recommend that all new Leo members to attend. If you are a returning member, you are also more than welcome to come.

See you there!

Joe Deng and Jackie Liu, Co-Presidents
Byrne Creek Leo Club